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All-round Texture Analysis Meets Ease-of-Use

Materials and components properties are significantly influenced by an inherent or applied preferred orientation, or texture, which can be non-destructively investigated by X-ray diffraction methods.

DIFFRAC.TEXTURE is the powerful and easy-to-use software suite designed to analyze texture measurements. By utilizing a systematic approach to analysis according to a flowchart, DIFFRAC.TEXTURE delivers comprehensive texture information with just a few mouse-clicks.

DIFFRAC.TEXTURE features two well established and complementary techniques to provide the most accurate and reliable results: the model independent Spherical Harmonics methods and the model dependent Component Method.

With the implementation of the latter in DIFFRAC.TEXTURE, all crystal systems are now supported and the variety of sample symmetries ensures that a huge diversity of textures can be handled.

  • Component method for fully detailed modelbased texture analysis.
  • Spherical Harmonics method for direct computation of the Orientation Distribution Function.
  • Straightforward creation of pole figures from 0D, 1D and 2D measurement data with single-click assignment to crystal phases.
  • Powerful texture representation capabilities and extensive report generator.

Please download our DIFFRAC.TEXTURE Flyer to get more information.