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Dr. Peter Höfer - Director Business Unit EPR, Bruker BioSpin (biography)

Dr. Patrick Carl - Senior Applications Scientist, Bruker BioSpin (biography)

A Free Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Educational Webinar

February 19, 2015

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Seminar Overview

EPR is a relevant technique in many different fields from the research lab to the industrial workplace. EPR is used in biological labs to monitor free radical reactions and to characterize proteins via spin labelling. In the polymer and paint industries, EPR is used to observe the effectiveness of free radical quenchers and light stabilizers. EPR is also a key method for the study of catalytic reactions centers encountered in fine chemical synthesis and pollutant decomposition. Whenever paramagnetic centers are involved, EPR is the only technique available to unequivocally observe and monitor them.

Traditionally a remote technique, difficult to access for non-experts, this seminar will help break down perceived barriers to high performance EPR, thanks to a new dedicated benchtop instrument.

This seminar will show how ideal it is for a wide range of analysis and teaching applications thanks to its minimal infrastructure, requirements and low cost of ownership, making it suitable for a wide range of laboratory types.

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Who should attend?

Managers, scientists and technicians who are currently interested in EPR.

  • Chemists and biologists
  • Material scientists
  • Polymer chemists
  • Industrial scientists
  • EPR and NMR spectroscopists
  • DNP users
  • Educators
  • Research group leaders
  • Magnetic resonance lab managers
  • Post-doctoral researchers
  • Ph. D. candidates

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