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质谱网络讲座 – 在线及往期回顾

Bruker网络讲座 了解最新的技术,科技发展以及创新的分析解决方案,并获取最新信息。





Label-Free High-Throughput MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery

November 20, 2017 at 4pm GMT, 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PST

Speaker: Matthias Trost, Professor of Proteomics, Newcastle University

This presentation will give a current overview of label-free high-throughput MALDI TOF mass spectrometry and its use in drug discovery screening. It will explain the basics of MALDI TOF mass spectrometry and the benefits of label-free screening compared to current labeled approaches. Data presented will focus on enzymes in the ubiquitin system (deubiquitylases, E2/E3 ligases) and protein kinases..

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Eliminating False Positives and Negatives: Correctly Report Results the First Time

December 4, 2017 at 17:00 CET / 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST / 08:00 PST

Speaker: Dr. Carsten Baesmann, Director of Applied Markets Solutions Development, Bruker Daltonics

The webinar provides a detailed overview of how high-resolution mass spectrometry and data acquisition using a 'catch all compound' acquisition scan mode can reduce instances of reporting false positives and negatives.

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