Ultrahigh resolution monoclonal antibody characterization

Bruker supports biologics manufacturers to confidently gain crucial structural insights and knowledge about their drug candidates, enabling the timely and cost-effective discovery, development and production of tomorrow’s medicines.

Bruker’s Mass Spectrometry Solutions go beyond traditional peptide mapping and intact mass analysis.  These solutions combine ultimate performance, speed and versatility with powerful workflow-enabled software to provide biologics developers with ready access to orthogonal characterization approaches: from monoclonal antibody (mAb) subunit analysis using middle up and middle down approaches for the unambiguous detection and characterization of sequence variants and modifications including deamidation, oxidation and N-terminal clipping to higher order structure studies for the detailed characterization of disulfide bridges, conformational epitopes, structural changes upon perturbation to calculating accurate drug antibody ratios (DAR) in antibody drug conjugate (ADC) studies.

Access to the resultant complementary data enhances the overall knowledge of the biotherapeutic and aids decision-making, speeding up the overall development timeline.