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Biosimilar Sequence Confirmation via Subunit Analysis

  • Automated, rapid screening of subunits
  • Confirm correct sequence / Detect sequence errors
  • True Isotopic Patterns sub ppm mass accuracy
  • Dramatic increase in sample throughput
  • Time consuming peptide maps only required for problematic samples
Biosimilar Sequence Confirmation
Cetuximab subunit analysis, rapidly confirmed an expected & unexpected sequence error in the Light Chain due to an amino acid substitution. The Fc & Fd sequences were confirmed as correct.

In this example, the subunits of cetuximab were screened rapidly by subunit analysis.

Sequence Confirmation: The mass accuracy confirmed that the sequence of the Fc and Fd chains were correct.

Sequence Error Detection: The LC was observed to have a 58 Da mass shift from the expected theoretical mass.

The mass shift was due to an amino acid substitution (Ala for Glu) near the C-terminus.

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