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Detection of Deamidation

Detection of Deamidation
During LC separation a shoulder was observed on the Light Chain peak. Subunit analysis of this shoulder revealed deamidation of the Light Chain

The maXis II & impact II ESI TOF deliver extremely high quality, information rich, raw data. With up to 80,000 resolution, subunits have baseline resolution with sub ppm mass accuracy & True Isotopic Patterns.

The ability to obtain, with certainty, the subunit mono-isotopic mass facilitates the detection of low mass modifications such as deamidation.

Analysis by peptide maps risks introducing deamidation artifacts due to multiple handling steps. Analysis at the subunit level requires less sample handling, therefore less risk of introducing artifacts.

Reduced artifacts & the availability of True Isotopic Patterns results in accurate quantitation for deamidation and other modifications.



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