Textile Check for Spin Finish Removal

Fast and Reliable Quality Control

For certain applications, it is important that the textiles are free of Spin Finish. Especially for bulletproof vests, Spin Finish has to be washed off completely. If Spin Finish is not fully removed, the bullet would slide through the vest despite the set-up of several overlaid textile layers.

For other applications, Spin Finish has to be removed, too: for example, prior to surface functionalization for windproof or water repellent property.

The minispec is able to detect Spin Finish down to very low concentrations. Thus, it is the method of choice to monitor the washing of Spin Finish on fibers and control the absence of Spin Finish.

Application Method

The textile check for Spin Finish removal application is based on the observation of the magnitude of the Spin Finish signal. Similar to the standard Spin Finish determination, the Spin Finish concentration correlates with the weight-normalized amplitude of the Hahn echo (S2) signal (given a suitable pulse separation between 90 and 180° pulses). The smaller the amplitude of the normalized signal is, the lower the Spin Finish concentration.