Neuroscience 2019 Symposium Abstract: Volume Imaging of Neural Complexity in Lipid-Enriched Organs

Zhuhao Wu1

1Department of Cell, Developmental & Regenerative Biology, Department of Neuroscience, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Our nervous system is composed of massive number of neurons that form enormous amount of connections between each other and to the peripheral organs to regulate nearly all aspects of our physiological functions. To facilitate the analysis of the complex neuronal projections, which are often thin but extensive over large three-dimensional space, I have developed advanced whole tissue clearing and imaging techniques through several iterations and optimizations (iDISCO, iDISCO+, and Adipo-Clear) to visualize the entire neural morphologies in large intact organs. By achieving complete lipid removal, optimal tissue transparency, and improved molecular labeling, my platform is broadly applicable to enable systematic profiling of cellular organizations in various tissues. This enables reliable and efficient investigation of complex biological systems over large spatial ranges to reveal system-level structural and functional properties in brain research and beyond.

Keywords: Volume Imaging, Tissue Clearing, Whole Mount Staining


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