FT-IR Microscope

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The Ultrafast Imaging Microscope

Bruker believes that it’s time to make advanced techniques available to all users, regardless of their individual skill level. The fantastic benefits of an Imaging Microscope and FT-IR are too great to restrict access in any way.  

The LUMOS II takes FT-IR microscopy to the next level by making it faster, easier, more accurate and reliable. We accomplished this by tailoring its software and user interface specifically to the user. Beginners get perfect results in no time, while experts are given almost unlimited possibilities.

The LUMOS II offers exclusive FPA imaging technology, that naturally exceeds the speed and spatial resolution of line array and single-point measurements. Its applicability is enormous, the spectral data obtained always of the highest quality and the measurement times are very short.

LUMOS II Features:

  • Superb FPA imaging performance
  • High-definition spectroscopic and visual data
  • Ultrafast data acquisition in imaging mode
  • FT-IR imaging in ATR, transmission and reflection mode
  • Fully automated measurements in all modes
  • High-sensitivity TE-MCT detector as standard
  • Software guided measurements support all users
  • Conveniently handle samples of up to 40 mm thickness
  • Large field of view and brilliant visual quality:
  • All hardware is motorized and software controlled
  • Complies with cGMP, Pharmacopoeias and FDA 21 CFR p11
  • Automated OQ/PQ/pharmacopeia tests
  • Always reliable performance with PermaSure+  

LUMOS II Applications:

FT-IR Microscopy is an established technique in many fields and FPA imaging contributes significantly to extend it applicability even further.

  • Polymer Science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Particle Analysis
  • Surface Analysis
  • Electronics
  • Environmental Science
  • Life Science
  • Material Science

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