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Welcome to Bruker at EMIM 2021

Göttingen, Germany – 24.-27. August 2021

Bruker at EMIM – European Molecular Imaging Meeting

Be sure to visit our Bruker booth #104 to learn more about the latest innovations in preclinical imaging. 

Our applications experts will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate the newest software and discuss solutions for your research.

The techniques and technologies of translational research are evolving, and Bruker is leading the way. With the largest portfolio of imaging technologies available, and dedicated applications experts to lend their expertise, Bruker is committed to the success of your research.

This time in our unique symposium “An eye on the future of Molecular Imaging: Contrast Agents
– which one hits the mark?”, we will have the pleasure to welcome well known experts in micro-CT Imaging, PET/MR Imaging and hyperpolarized 13C MRI.

Our experts will be on-site to answer your questions, demonstrate the newest software and discuss solutions for your research.

EMIM is providing an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange covering basic science, translational aspects as well as clinical applications.

Join us for Thursday’s Bruker Lunch Symposium talks from 13:15 to 14:15. Hear from our experts on the latest updates to our products and software solutions.

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Ruslan Hlushchuk
University of Bern, Institute of Anatomy, Switzerland Non-invasive micro-structure visualization via X-ray absorbance contrast agents
10 min
Philipp Böhm-Sturm 
Charité University Medicine Berlin, Department of Experimental Neurology, Center for Stroke Research Berlin (CSB) Fluorine - the gate towards hot spot molecular MRI 10 min
Mette Lauritzen Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH   10 min
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Susann Boretius, Dr. Jens Waldeck  Panel Discussion 15 min
  Bruker NEWS 5 min


Dr. Ruslan Hlushchuk

Lecturer and Group Leader at the Department of Topographic and Clinical Anatomy at the Universität Bern, Institute of Anatomy

As the head of the micro-CT group, Ruslan specializes in (micro)vascular imaging and microangioCT.

Micro-CT is well known for its superior applications in bone, tooth and other hard tissues. With the use of contrast agents the versatility of micro-CT can be even further improved into applications where the native signal-to-noise contrast would fail to provide adequate and /or quantifiable results. Imaging of the micro-vasculature down to the capillary level in various tissues, including the bone, opens new horizons for preclinical and biomedical research.

Dr. Philipp Boehm-Sturm

Leader of the “Experimental MRI” group and scientific head of the Charité Core Facility „7 T experimental MRIs“ of the Charité University Medicine of Berlin

Philipp Boehm-Sturm, PhD, is heading a group and the core facility “7T experimental MRIs” at the Charité University Medicine Berlin, in Germany. After completing a PhD in the physics department of the University of Cologne and the Max-Planck-Institute for Neurological Research in Cologne, he transferred to the Experimental Neurology Department and the Center for Stroke Research at the Charité in Berlin to offer his expertise in small animal MRI and quickly became the scientific lead of the imaging core facility. Dr. Boehm-Sturm won several prestigious prices, including poster prices at the ESMRMB, EMIM, and the Congress of Stem Cells and Tissue Formation, and is involved in the organization of MRI conferences such as the Fluorine MRI Symposium 2017 in Berlin. Key areas of his expertise include Neuroimaging, connectome of the mouse brain, Fluorine MRI as well as alternative contrast agent development for MRI.