Detection of PAH's and PCB's in Soil Samples

Ground pollution caused by industrial processes can effect the health of the people in the surrounding area of the contamination. Classical investigations and analysis to determine the local distribution of a contaminated site are time consuming and expensive. With the mobile GC/MS system E²M fast and inexpensive monitoring of ground pollution with volatile compounds can be carried out.

Fast On-Site Detection of Drugs

For the detection of drugs a couple of quick tests are available which were used by the police departments and the State Offices of Criminal Investigations. These tests are limited to substance specific reactions and do not give any information about different drug compositions (thin down compounds, by-products, precursors, impurities etc.) which were necessary for criminal investigations. For a clear identification of complex mixtures GC/MS is still the method of choice. With the mobile GC/MS system E²M a fast and inexpensive detection and identification of drugs can be accomplished directly at the scene of crime.