Trusted continuous dual detection

Dual N&C detection is achieved by an integrated gamma detector and trusted, quality IMS. A high speed reversible voltage source and an automatic backflush mode that prevents instrument saturation, keep the RAID-AFM in constant operation. Improved dopant technology has lowered interference to an absolute, unrivalled minimum and maintenance is normally only required on an annual basis. Accurate automatic detection and identification is achieved in seconds.

RAID-AFM runs 24/7 without operator interface and data can be relayed to control rooms at distances in kilometres away from the instrument.

RAID-AFM Features

  • Non-radioactive XPI™ Photo Ionization source, no special user licenses required (optional Ni63 source).
  • Embedded web-interface for unlimited interrogation of sensors worldwide, no additional software required.
  • High performance ion mobility spectrometer tube.
  • Sophisticated internal data analysis with substance identification capability.