Multi-Role with proven reliability

The RAID-S2plus uses proven IMS technology and automatic polarity switching to provide continuous Detection, Identification and Monitoring of chemicals. It has been built with the user in mind, is easy to use; has low consumable consumption and normally requires maintenance just once a year.

RAID-S2plus can be operated with a Remote Control Unit or NC monitoring Software. The unit has an auto backflush that prevents saturation and a new ammonia based dopant providing significant interference rejection.

The instrument can be mounted in vehicles or ships and operated on the move; alternatively it can be fixed in critical infrastructure to provide warning and protection.

RAID-S2plus Features

  • Extremely high interference rejection.
  • Continuous 24/7 operation.
  • Ruggedised to meet military standards.
  • Maintenance at operator level.
  • Heated gas inlet improves measuring performance.
  • Ethernet and RS422 interface.
  • Next Generation NC Monitoring software.