Standard Acquisition Features

  • 3-D localization with patented biplane technology, data up to 1 μm in Z for all acquisitions
  • Z step acquisitions for volumes greater than 30 μm thick
  • Real-time localization during data acquisition
  • Video rate live cell nanoscale imaging
  • Multiple location acquisition
  • Active Z drift correction
  • Simultaneous 2 color 3-D acquisition
  • Sequential and interleaved multicolor acquisition
  • Widefield reference images for localization experiments
  • Standard widefield workflow with time lapse imaging and image deconvolution 

Instrument Options

  • Integrated microfluidics unit
  • 750 nm excitation laser
  • TIRF illumination 
  • Confocal scanner for correlative imaging

Analysis Features

  • Spatial distribution: Variety of tools for analyzing spatial distribution relationships of particles including Ripley’s K, Pair correlation and Nearest Neighbors
  • Cluster Analysis: DBSCAN, OPTICS, Delaunay cluster algorithms providing metrics such as cluster numbers, localizations per cluster, volume, surface area, density, radius of gyration, and principal component analysis
  • Co-localization: Provides statistical measures on relationships between particles or clusters of two different labels
  • Resolution Analysis: Quantifies resolution for images derived from localized data sets via Fourier Ring Correlation
  • Live Cell Analysis: Tracking of localization data in live-cell experiments with mean squared displacement and angular distribution analysis
  • Control Data: Generate statistically random data sets to use as comparative data controls

Vutara 352 Specifications

Lateral Resolution 20 nm*
Axial Resolution 50 nm*
Acquisition Speed Localization microscopy: up to 3,000 FPS, Widefield: up to 30 FPS
Cameras (two included) Localization microscopy: sCMOS (4.2 MP, 6.5 μm x 6.5 μm pixels, 80% peak QE; Widefield sCMOS, 2.3 MP, 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm pixels, 80% peak QE
Stage X,Y scanning stage with linear encoders, 120 mm x 72 mm range, 50 nm resolution
Piezo Focus Objective mount piezo, 400 μm range, 0.7 nm resolution
Field of View Localization microscopy: 40 μm x 40 μm standard, 20 μm x 20 μm optional for simultaneous dual-color acquisition; Widefield 187 μm x 187 μm; Confocal 87 μm x 87 μm
Objectives Standard: Silicone, 60x, 1.3 NA; Optional: Water, 60x, 1.2 NA, Optional: TIRF Oil, 60x, 1.49 NA
Standard Lasers Standard: 100 mW 405 nm, 500 mW 488 nm, 561 nm, and 640 nm; Optional: 100 mW 405 nm, 1,000 mW 488 nm, 561 nm, and 640 nm

* Performance is sample and room dependent, typical resolutions can vary based upon preparation. Lateral resolution test specification with Tetraspek beads is , X,Y resolution should be less or equal to 20 nm and Z resolution less or equal to 50 nm. Colocalization tests with Tetraspek bead using three color is , X,Y colocalization between colors colors should be less or equal to 30 nm and Z colocalization between colors should be less or equal to 50