eXtreme Resolution for a Wide Variety of Analytical Workflows

Continuing Bruker's tradition of innovation, the ParaCell is the new core technology for solariX XR, providing uncommon broadband ion stability resulting in resolution far superior to other detection schemes.

Bruker's eXtreme Resolution FTMS technology enables scientists to see vital "hidden" information that is missing in data from other types of mass spectrometers. This advanced technology addresses the needs of specialists in a variety of focus areas (e.g. small molecules, petroleum, lipids, metabolomics, etc.) that all desire efficient and precise solutions for their analytical problems. The unique value of this technology is isotopic fine structure, resulting in unmatched confidence for compound identification that required guesswork before solariX XR.

Chemical information can now be easily obtained in an efficient and cost-effective way, using cutting edge technology featuring the enhanced, redesigned ParaCell as the key technology enabling eXtreme Resolution.

solariX Key Benefits and Applications


Analytical Power

Unmatched in commercial mass spectrometry, solariX XR provides the capability to create new workflows and test hypotheses without limitations.



Experimental flexibility is provided with one of the widest array of sources available and an armada of both traditional and unique dissociation methods that supercharges every application and accelerates your workflows.



High performance and flexibility translates to faster, streamlined workflows reengineering traditional approaches with tuned methods that save time and money and produce richer datasets in a given time than previously possible.


Turnkey operation

Advanced software for acquisition, processing and automation combined with a robust source design and fully automated transfer optics provide compelling results with limited user effort.


Small molecule analysis

Elemental compositions are exact and reliable as the solariX XR is the first commercial system to routinely provide answers derived from isotopic fine structure that is invisible to most other mass analyzers.


Advanced protein analysis

solariX XR can measure large intact biomolecules with isotopic resolution followed by detailed structural analysis with proven applications in proteomics, biopharmaceutical analysis, and protein science.


Molecular imaging

Leveraging Bruker’s unmatched imaging expertise with the power of eXtreme resolution provides complete competence for spatial localization of small molecules from a variety of samples.


Complex mixtures

Utilize eXtreme resolution to provide selectivity for samples such as petroleum, foods and beverages, environmental, and biological small molecules containing thousands of peaks that cannot be effectively or efficiently separated by conventional chromatographic methods.