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Elute LC series - Providing full confidence proven by a reliable design

The new Bruker Elute LC systems are built on an innovative pump design that provides you with a virtually pulse free, precise, volumetric flow control which is independent of flow rates, solvent compressibility or composition.

All Bruker Elute LC systems are configured with two pairs of serial-coupled, individually controlled linear drive pump heads. This principle makes it easy to transfer your UHPLC methods from one system to another, whether you need to transfer the method to an adjacent laboratory or even to a laboratory in a different country: Elute systems ensure quick and easy method transfer based on their robust technology. The flow path in the Elute Systems is optimized by minimizing the gradient delay volume. As a result you are gaining high chromatographic resolution, very fast gradients and ultimate short cycle times thus increasing your sample throughput and reducing your costs. 


Delivering maximum uptime

By adding an ancillary pump, all Elute LC systems incorporate a true self-priming and self-purging-facility through the built in pump. The automatic purge and mobile phase priming process takes only a few minutes and makes it simple to exchange mobile phases to avoid any leaks in manual operations. In addition, the possibility of using two different sets of mobile phases, and the option of column exchange (up to six) provides a huge flexibility for routine labs, allowing highest productivity e.g. for the analysis of different sample types for overnight LC-MS runs.

Built-in priming pump

Seamless software integration by Compass

The control of the Elute LC systems are embedded into Bruker´s leading Compass software framework enabling our users a straightforward and easy access to the LC hardware modules for fast method development. A simple set-up of methods for sample batches and sample tables is guaranteed through the highly intuitive graphical user interface of Compass. Direct visualization of your results via a “Quick Data Viewer” as well as in-depth analysis enables all levels of operators gaining an extra productivity in their daily work.

Compass software

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.