microflex maldi-tof/tof mass spectrometer

microflex LT/SH and microflex smart LS

The microflex LT/SH is a compact linear-mode bench-top MALDI-TOF system designed as an easy-to-use, but high performance solution for basic applications.

Designed for applications in need of a short time to result, the microflex smart LS features a fast solid-state Bruker smartbeam® laser and high performance vacuum system.

Both microflex LT/SH mass spectrometers are an integral part of the MALDI Biotyper solution for fast and reliable identification of microorganisms.

The systems feature the patented PAN™ technology for high mass resolution within a compact form. Designed as bench-top solutions, they can be easily integrated into every laboratory.

The self-cleaning MALDI PerpetualTM ion source permits continuous high performance with minimized maintenance requirements. The push-button, IR-laser cleaning is easy to perform and takes just 15 minutes. Intervals for planned maintenances are therefore longer and downtime periods shorter.

Microflex user low

microflex LT/SH

This affordable, high value bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer is designed for a number of routine applications in protein and small molecule analysis as well as microbiology. This instrument benefits from its gridless, self-cleaning ion source, providing excellent sensitivity in positive ion mode. Operating under the integrated Compass™ software platform for intuitive operation, especially by non-expert users and in multi-instrument laboratories, the linear-mode microflex LT/SH is a robust and easy-to-use system for many clinical research and life-science laboratories.

A key application for this system can be found in many microbiology laboratories where the introduction of the MALDI Biotyper system solution with microflex LT/SH has revolutionized the identification of microorganisms.

microflex smart LS

The microflex smart LS is equipped with Bruker’s smartbeam solid-state lifetime* laser technology and a high-performance vacuum system. The smartbeam combines order of magnitude longer solid-state laser lifetime with the unmatched MALDI performance of nitrogen lasers.

The patented smartbeam laser enables repetition rates up to 200 Hz and the vacuum system reduces sample load and eject times to a minimum, resulting in further improved turn-around times. The microflex smart LS is the bench-top MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer providing highest productivity.


*Lifetime means: 500 Million laser shots or seven years (whichever comes first)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.