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scimaX MRMS - Taking science to the max

scimaX enables identification with confidence

Routine sub-ppm mass accuracy and Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) capability enable high-confidence molecular formulas assignments for known and unknown Targets.

Powered by MRMS Technology, scimaX

  • provides superior eXtreme Resolution and mass accuracy
  • enables routine Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) analysis for a broad mass range 
  • results in unmatched confidence for compound identification



Broad band Isotopic Fine Structure (click to enlarge)

scimaX is easy to site and maintain

scimaX features an integrated MRMS detector equipped with the latest 7T conduction cooled magnet technology. With this, the scimaX footprint is significantly reduced and it fits in a standard lab. Neither filling liquid helium nor a quench line is any more required for these magnets.

scimaX is an integrated and versatile instrument

ESI and  MALDI sources are included as well as several ion activation techniques (CID, (n)ETD, (n)ECD). The ESI source interface is compatible to various optional API sources (APPI, APCI, GC-APCI).

scimaX key features
scimaX key features

scimaX brings “high hanging fruit” within reach…

… for various applications like MALDI Imaging, Metabolomics, Petroleomics, and more. Dramatically improve your productivity by operating round-the-clock by doing your ESI experiments during the day and acquiring MALDI imaging data when you go home. Take on projects that demand exceptional scientific insight and breakthrough with the scimaX.

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.