Signal Processing Unit (SPU) Features

  • Digital lock-in with up to 5 simultaneously detected harmonics
  • Simultaneous detection of 0 and 90 degree modulation phases
  • Modulation frequencies up to 1 MHz
  • Dual input channels for simultaneous absorption and dispersion measurement
  • 27 bit amplitude dynamic range
  • Rapid scan ramp generator and detection system for modulated and direct detection
  • Transient recorder with 14 bit single shot amplitude resolution and 8 ns time resolution
  • Predefined and user input channels
  • Input channels with AC and DC coupling
  • Internal and External triggers
  • 256 000 points on field and time axis
  • 65 536 points on transient time axis

E 500 Highlights & Standard Features

  • SuperX microwave units for world record sensitivity
  • Ultra high resolution field controller
  • Digital rapid field scan module
  • Stationary and time resolved experiments
  • Multi-purpose signal processing unit (SPU)
  • Reference free spin counting
  • Xepr software package
  • Specialized Instruments

Computer System

A LINUX based front-end workstation running the Xepr software package a software acquisition server handling all real time events.