EPR Quantification Package: SpinCount and SpinFit

Identification and quantification of the EPR active species (free radicals and transition metals) is a critical aspect in research, development and process/quality control. These species play an important role in many processes such as photosynthesis, oxidation/reduction reactions, catalysis, and polymerization. Additionally these species can act as redox agents that cause damage to tissues, cells, pharmaceutical products and materials such as solar cells and polymers.

With the EPR Quantification Package: SpinCount and SpinFit, the task of identifying and quantifying EPR species is both straightforward and precise. The EPR Quantification Package is standard on Bruker's EPR spectrometers running Xepr and Xenon.

EPR Quantification Package includes:

  • SpinCount with an easy to use interface allows direct conversion of the measured EPR signal to the concentration of radicals or transition metals in the sample
  • SpinFit facilitates identification of the EPR-active species even in a multicomponent signal providing concentrations of individual components
  • Fast identification is made easier with the SpinFit library of commonly encountered EPR-active species