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NMR is a powerful screening and analytical tool. It can be readily used to screen chemical fragment libraries in the first step towards new drug development and remains the technology of choice for the determination of the tertiary structure of a protein.

Recent software advances have reduced the burden of complex NMR data analysis, and have facilitated the automation of NMR platforms.

Automation may involve high-throughput screening, overnight automation or multi-user open access. Such automation has opened up access to NMR structural determination to non-specialists and increased the throughput of routine high-volume NMR screening. NMR automation utilizing sample changers or flow-injection systems has thus become a valued tool for industry and academia alike.

There are well over 1000 Bruker NMR spectrometers that can operate in at least one of several automation modes.

Bruker automation includes sample preparation, automatic probe tuning, data acquisition and processing, and data distribution and archiving.

IconNMR™ allows fully automated acquisition and processing and is the ideal solution for handling large numbers of samples. SampleCase™ is a 24 sample, random-access, automation system that fits almost all shielded Bruker standard bore magnets and provides easy, safe and convenient access to fully-fledged NMR automation.