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Technical background information

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

The principle of solid phase extraction: an aqueous sample (e.g. fruit juice, wine or body fluid) is passed through a conditioned and equilibrated SPE cartridge, washed, dried and finally eluted with a small volume of organic solvent for further measurement.


The classical SPE follows six steps:

  1. Condition of the sorbent bed with organic solvent
  2. Equilibration of the cartridges with water
  3. Loading of the sample
  4. Washing of the cartridges
  5. Drying in order to remove residual water
  6. Elution with a small volume of organic solven

Two versions of the Sample SPE are available. For the Foodscreener™, SPE extracts are transferred into 7" tubes while for the IVDr™ SampleJet™ racks are employed.

Liquid Handling Properties

The SamplePro SPE uses 25ml vials for the sample input and typically 10ml of sample is subjected to the SPE process.
For the SPE step 3ml SPE cartridges are used (200mg sorbent material).
After the drying step, extracts of 2-3ml volume are produced. A fraction of it is transferred into NMR tubes as part of the automated process.