Opterra Multipoint Confocal

Optimum HRXRD Performance For Epilayer Monitoring

The Bruker JV-QCVelox is the system of choice for leading LED manufacturers to monitor their LED production lines. It is based on the industry standard JV-QC3, with significant upgrades for throughput. By using optimum X-ray source and optics technology, it couples high throughput with excellent repeatability to enables fast feedback of the layer quality and structure within a production environment.

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JV QCVelox 3
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Like the JV-QC3, the JV-QCVelox offers true automated operation, with straight-forward horizontal sample mounting, and fully automated alignment, measurements including full mapping without edge exclusion, and  automated data analysis. In addition to the JV-QC3, it includes higher throughput and a barcode reader to aid productivity within a production environment.

 An optional robot handler is available for automated loading and measurement from cassette. It is the ideal tool for routine analysis of semiconductor substrates, epilayer structures and processed device wafers for all compound semiconductor materials.