Through Transmissive Media Module

Enables high-resolution measurements through protective packaging, environmental chambers and other dispersive materials

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The R&D 100 award winning TTM module is available with three objectives 2X, 10X, and 20X for magnifications from 1X to 40X. Simple manual exchange of glass slides makes the module flexible for materials of varied thicknesses.

Key features of Bruker's TTM Module

  • Measure samples through glass and other materials up to 3mm thick
  • Innovative illumination enables up to 40X measurements
  • Universal housing supports multiple magnifications and compensation materials
  • 20X objective offers 25:1 aspect ratio for deep trench measurements
  • For MEMS, materials science, biological applications, and more

20um Step Height Standard with 3mm cover glass


Image A is the result of standard objectives imaging a 20um step height standard with 3mm cover glass on top. Image B is the result when using the TTM module to image through the same 3mm glass.

How does it work?


To compensate for interference fringes caused by the transparent films or packaging materials a glass of equal material and thickness is inserted between the beamsplitter and reference mirror (light blue box). Thus effectively canceling out any interference resulting from the device's packaging material.

MEMS device with 200um glass


On the left, Image A shows the 3D image without TTM module. The right image, Image B, is the 10X image using Bruker's TTM module showing high contrast and quality resolution.


Above is a 3D dataset of the intact MEMS device using the 10X TTM module.