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ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope

Combining exceptional profiling performance, convenience, and affordability in one bench top instrument

The ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope is the standard in capability and value for surface profilers. With a variety of 2D/3D measurements, high-resolution imaging and user friendly-interface, the system offers uncompromised metrology in a simplified package with a compact footprint. 

The ContourGT-K is the ideal measurement system for labs with basic metrology and imaging needs. 

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Quality and Reliability

The ContourGT-K is the culmination of over three decades of proprietary optical innovation and industry leadership in non-contact surface characterization and imaging. Built on Wyko™ technology, the Contour GT series has the robust algorithms and structural design that make Bruker the go-to for reliable measurements. Each unit is run through vigorous qualification in our US factory before shipment. Thet are tested to meet an RMS repeatability of <0.03nm or better and step height 1 sigma repeatability of <0.1%, among other specifications. Talk with a Bruker representative for more details on our instrument specifications.

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Flexible Staging and Fixturing to Fit Your Application

Our Contour GT-K design offers you the flexibility to configure the microscope to your needs. Whether outfitted in a basic configuration (manula stage and single objective) or a more automated setup (motorized stage and 5-position motorized objective turret), the system delivers repeatable results. The various combinations of objective and zoom lens allow you to select and prioritize what’s more important for the study at hand: measurement field of view, lateral resolution, surface opacity slope.

At its core. Contour GT-K has the low noise and reproducible results that accurate, quantitative metrology requires, giving you confidence in every measurement. .

Kompromisslose Bildgebung und 3D-Vermessung von Oberflächen

Das 3D-Mikroskop ContourGT-II vereint einfachste Bedienung mit höchster Messgenauigkeit und einfachster Bedienung zu einem erstaunlichen niedrigen Preis

Das ContourGT-K 3D-Mikroskop setzt in Bezug auf Messleistung, funktionalem Design sowie geringen Kosten neue Maßstäbe. Hochaufgelöste 2D/ 3D-Messungen zusammen mit der neuartigen, fortschrittlichen Bedieneroberfläche liefern kompromisslose Metrologie in einem einfachen Paket.



Das ContourGT-K Mess-System bietet den Zugriff auf eine breite Palette von vorgefertigten Filtern und Analysen (Rauheit, Welligkeit, Zernike, Tilt-Operator, Gauß-Filter, etc.). Mit Hilfe der Software haben Sie eine breite Palette an Funktionen um ihre Oberfläche zu charakterisieren.

Bruker‘s Weißlicht-Interferometer bieten höchste Auflösung in der z-Achse (Höhenachse), höchste Wiederholbarkeit und höchste Genauigkeit, ohne die Nachteile der herkömmlichen konfokalen Mikroskopie oder digitalen Mikroskopie zu haben.

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