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Dimension HPI - Cost-Effective Precision Metrology for R&D/QA/QC/FA

The Dimension® family of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) have a long-standing reputation for providing the highest available speed and performance for industrial metrology applications. Designed specifically for high-volume, production environments, Dimension HPI and PRO systems enable automated measurements of many AFM modes while ensuring the utmost ease of use and the lowest cost per measurement for quality control, quality assurance, and failure analysis. Using contact, tapping, and PeakForce Tapping® mode techniques, these systems enable users to precisely control probe-to-sample interaction, providing long tip life-times with high-accuracy results in thousands of measurements.

Exclusive Bruker AFM Technology for Industry

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The Dimension platform has the largest AFM installed base in polymers, semiconductor, data storage, high-brightness LED, and display industries, among others. The HPI utilizes an open-access platform, large- or multiple-sample holders, and numerous ease-of-use features to bring the power of atomic force microscopy to manufacturers, delivering the best, most state-of-the-art solution for nanoscale metrology in QA/QC/FA—cost effectively and reliably.

Exceptional Metrology Performance and Capability in Demanding, High-volume Environments

Widest Range of Measurement Types

From our exclusive PeakForce Tapping modes to traditional AFM modes, Dimension HPI systems provide the greatest range and flexibility to meet your specific measurement and characterization needs on a wide range of samples

Highest Accuracy Roughness, Depth, and Height Measurements

Dimension HPI provides highly repeatable and accurate roughness, height, and depth measurements, from sub-nanometer steps to high aspect ratio trenches using PeakForce Tapping with Bruker exclusive high tip-lifetime probes.

Most Comprehensive Defect Review Characterization

Nanoscale defects can be located and characterized on a variety of wafers, substrates, and sliders. PeakForce QNM® can uniquely provide combined 3D imaging and mechanical property information.

Fast Nanoelectrical Measurements

FastScan technology with Conductive-AFM (CAFM) can perform nanoscale current measurements at high scan rates, significantly increasing the efficiency of failure analysis measurements. Using a small magnetic force microscopy (MFM) cantilever, FastScan HPI and PRO provide greater than 10x scan rate improvements for MFM applications with exceptional data quality using PeakForce Tapping. PeakForce KPFM™ provides the highest spatial resolution and most accurate measurements of surface potential. PeakForce TUNA™ provides the most sensitive conductivity measurements.

Precise Nanoscale Mechanical Mapping

Bruker’s unique PeakForce QNM and FastForce Volume™ nanoscale mechanical mapping modes can precisely map mechanical properties—modulus, stiffness, adhesion, dissipation, and deformation— while simultaneously imaging sample topography and electrical properties. PeakForce QNM enables non-destructive measurements on polymers, thin films, and nanoscale defects not measurable by transmission electron or scanning electron microcopy techniques.

Dimension HPI and Dimension PRO platforms have a
long-standing reputation for providing the highest available
speed and performance for industrial metrology applications.



Automated Measurements and the Most Flexibility Available in a Single AFM Platform

FastScan Pro Recipe Window v1

Recipe window showing wafer-based layout for precise, user-defined X-Y measurement locations within a wafer.

Automate Measurements on Multiple Samples

AutoMET™ full-recipe software delivers fast, automated metrology, simple operation, and AFM adaptability for easy capture of critical-to-quality measurements. Automated scanning for topography, roughness, step height, nanomechanical, nanoelectrical and other metrology modes.

Easy to Use, Making Every User an AFM Expert.

Achieve precise, accurate measurements, whatever your AFM experience level. ScanAsyst algorithms in conjunction with AutoMET software automatically and continuously monitor the image quality and make needed parameter adjustments.

FastScan Pro Recipe Window for wafers v1

Easy measurement recipe creation allows engineers to define location by name, assign any type, and number measurements at each location.

Support for the Full Range of Applications, from R&D to Production-run Volumes

  • Semiconductor: Bare wafer roughness metrology and defect review characterization, nanometer-node electrical device characterization & fault isolation and accurate step height and depth metrology measurements.
  • Data Storage: Most precise, highest resolution, and high-throughput, production-based slider metrology, media substrate roughness and defect review characterization with outstanding resolution and electrical & magnetic failure analysis characterization for wafers, media, and sliders.
  • Polymers and Thin Films: Fast characterization of one, tens, or thousands of samples with utmost results correlation, nanometer-node electrical device characterization & fault isolation and simultaneous topography and mechanical property mapping.
  • High-Brightness LED and Solar Materials: Automated HB-LED pattern sapphire (PSS) depth and shape metrology, precise HB-LED substrate roughness and electrical characterization of HBLED and solar materials.
  • Display Manufacturing: Most accurate nanoscale measurements for display development, automated measurement of nanoscale roughness to control display quality and precise characterization of display nanotextures over 1000s of measurements
Multicomponent polymer blend sample
Modulus map chart

Modulus map of a multi-component polymer blend imaged using PeakForce QNM. There are three different components clearly present, the light blue component (A), the darker blue component (B), and the red/black component (C). (7 μm scan).

Ra nm line graph

Bruker’s AFMs and high-performance industrial probes provide consistent and reliable measurements for the most demanding critical-to-quality nanoscale measurements.

Most Reliable Platform and Unrivalled Support

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30 Year Medallion

Lower costs through operational efficiencies.

The Dimension platform has the largest installed base of any AFM in the semiconductor, data storage, HB-LED and polymer industries.

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