ESPRIT HSQuant delivers most accurate results through standard-based quantification using Φ(ρ,z) correction. It can be combined with ESPRIT Quant to provide standardless P/B-ZAF or TQuant results for elements for which no standards are available. Its most important features are:

  • Precise standard-related quantification method for polished bulk samples
  • Free choice of pure element or compound standards
  • Adaptable strategies for automatic and interactive background subtraction and deconvolution

  • Additional improved methods for peak deconvolution and fitting (compared to ESPRIT Quant):

    • optimized line series deconvolution
    • optimized deconvolution by using real-shape spectrum profiles of samples

  • Enhanced matrix correction based on the Φ(ρ,z) approach
  • Hierarchical standard libraries with integrated library manager
  • System calibration by flexible reference measurement (use of beam current monitor optional, not required)
  • Versatile presentation and scaling of results (mass%, atomic%, oxide%, ...)
  • Export of results in ASCII and Excel® formats