Silver Ore Mining with Handheld XRF

Silver ore mining with handheld XRF can greatly reduce laboratory costs and save critical time.  With instantaneous analysis, you have the ability to make intelligent decisions from live data which is saved in the instrument and can also be downloaded and printed.  The Bruker S1 TITAN can be used to analyze directly on the face of the mine to determine the optimal area to begin or continue excavation.   Find out more about how handheld XRF can save you time and money in your Silver mine operations!

The Bruker S1 TITAN is a cost-effective solution for many aspects of your mining needs including but not limited to:

The Bruker Mining Analyzer provides decision making power in the palm of your hand:

  • Real-time Geochemical mapping
  • Confirm you are in an anomalous zone
  • Call a hole based on results
  • Differentiate from waste, subgrade and grade

Bruker’s S1 TITAN offers reproducible results that are near lab quality accuracy. Since X-ray fluorescence is completely non-destructive, send you can send the same samples you analyzed with the Tracer, directly to the lab for confirmation.  This data can then be used to dial in your calibration for even more accurate results. Click here to find out more about your silver mining application or to request a quote.