Handheld, Portable Lab Spectrometer

While field use of handheld, portable spectrometers is very well known, did you know that you can effectively use a handheld spectrometer in a laboratory context? Modern, state of the art portable elemental analysis spectrometers have lab setup parameters that can be used to perform a variety of analytical lab tests. To speak to an expert regarding your elemental analysis lab equipment needs, contact us here.


Bruker is a leading manufacturer of both laboratory and field spectrometers and equipment. With knowledge and cutting-edge products in both areas, Bruker is particularly well-suited to create the best hybrid technologies, making our handheld spectrometers equally well suited for the lab.

TRACER 5 Desktop stand

Bruker S1 TITAN and TRACER Portable Lab Spectrometers

The Bruker laboratory spectrometers—the S1 TITAN and TRACER 5 series—are exceedingly accurate and reliable EDXRF elemental analyzers, with an analytical range from magnesium to uranium. These instruments boast several unique advantages when used as lab spectrometers or lab/field hybrids:


  • Samples can be analyzed completely nondestructively, or with laboratory sample preparation
  • With laboratory samples preparation, elemental composition results with a correlation as close as R2=0.99 to other types of laboratory spectrometers can be achieved
  • Simultaneous analysis of all elements; analyses are completed within seconds to a few minutes
  • Table-top lab setup easily converts back into handheld configuration
  • Optional small spot analysis area and camera allow users to visually identify and define small analysis areas
  • Robust analytical software for data reporting, manipulation, and evaluation
  • Specific calibrations for many laboratory applications including geochemical analysis and soil analysis
  • Calibrations are customizable by user, including the ability to create empirical and site-specific calibrations

To learn more about specific laboratory applications of the S1 TITAN and TRACER lab spectrometers—and which instrument is right for you—contact our applications experts.

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