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Low Multiplicity Sulfur SAD phasing of Lysozyme

Shutterless data collection using the PHOTON 100 - SC-XRD Application Note

Low Multiplicity Sulfur SAD phasing of Lysozyme, SC-XRD Application Note

Sulfur SAD phasing using Cu Kα radiation requires the collection of very accurate data. To improve the chances of success, sulfur SAD data sets are collected with a high multiplicity to improve the data quality. However, high multiplicity data sets can be time consuming and difficult to obtain if the samples are sensitive to radiation damage.


The PHOTON 100 utilizes CMOS technology which allows for the implementation of advanced features such as shutterless operation which are not available for older imagers like CCDs or Imaging Plates. In shutterless mode, the sample is constantly exposed to X-rays and continuously rotated, which maximizes data acquisition efficiency and, even more importantly, eliminates mechanical jitter, resulting in superior data quality, faster.