MICROSTAR, microfocus x-ray source, sc-xrd

Microfocus X-ray Source

The choice has never been simpler: the MICROSTAR generator sets the new standard for intensity, economy, ease-of-use and reliability. By combining next-generation electron optics, modern anode design and highly optimized X-ray optics, we are able to generate X-ray intensities which are comparable to those of second-generation synchrotron beam lines.

Simply put, the MICROSTAR puts more X-rays onto your sample to give you better data quality and higher resolution. Best of all, the MICROSTAR delivers its extraordinary performance without sacrificing reliability or ease-of-use.

"... the MICROSTAR beam now causes radiation damage to crystals at the level of a small bending magnet beamline. Room T data collection from protein crystals is out of the question, and even on frozen samples, after 2-3 days exposure to the beam, when you take them out of the cold stream, the crystals just 'explode'." - Pedro Matias, ITQB, Portugal, October 8th 2007


  • 2.7 kW anode power loading on a 100 µm focal spot (27 kw/mm2)
  • 3 times the brilliance of current rotating anodes
  • Triode electrostatic focusing
  • Ultra-stable optics mounted to tube tower
  • Easy to use and align
  • Extended filament lifetime
  • User-adjustable tube tower height
  • Small footprint
  • Optional cabinet enclosures for single and dual port configurations
  • Ultra-high intensity: up to 1.7 x 1011 X-rays/mm2 -sec, (more than an order of magnitude higher than conventional rotating anodes)