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Goniometer head, single crystal X-ray diffraction

Goniometer Heads

Automated Goniometer Head

Make Your Sample Get to the Point!
The automated goniometer head (AGH) allows fast alignment of your sample to the center of the goniometer.

Our innovative X-ray based automated software centering gets you the best diffracting part of the sample into the beam.

Automated Goniometer Head (AGH)
Automated Goniometer Head (AGH)


The AGH is based on robust long-life time piezo motors ensuring highest reliably and accuracy. For room and low-temperature data collections: Speed up your sample alignment with the new AGH.

  • Fast crystal centering in two-click or
  • Fully automated mode Motorized sample alignment
  • Compatible with all SPINE and ALS sample mounts
  • Sample present sensor
  • Fully compatible with KAPPA goniometer
  • X-ray alignment for better data
  • Finds the best diffracting part of your sample
  • Always best alignment of tiniest samples


The AGH is available for new systems and as an upgrade to your D8 QUEST or D8 VENTURE.

XYZ Goniometer Head

The XYZ goniometer head is required for manual sample mounting on Bruker SC-XRD systems. An adjustment pin allows changing the standard height from 49 mm to 64 mm. The weight of the XYZ goniometer head is 120 g.

Sample mounting pins, goniometer head key, and a storage box are included as components

XYZ Goniometer Head
XYZ Goniometer Head