D8 DISCOVER, X-ray diffraction
D8 ENDEAVOR, X-ray diffraction
S8 TIGER, X-ray fluorescence

Customized XRD Solutions

The reasons for customizing analytical systems vary widely. From groundbreaking research challenges to conformity requirements in automation, the best solution is sometimes a non-standard solution.

Thanks to the open and modularly constructed Davinci hard- and software platform, the D8 family can easily be adapted to best fit the analytical needs.

The individual components of the instrumental setup, such as the x-ray sources (tube, IµS, MJXS), X-ray optics, detectors (LYNXEYE family, VÅNTEC-500, PILATUS3 R 100K-A) and sample holder or sample stages (Cradles, UMCs, etc) can be exchanged with customized components. We routinely perform computer simulations of customized setups to ensure overall system compatibility.

Examples include channel-cut monochromator crystals with seldom-used reflections, polycapillary optic generating very small focus spots, or custom sample mounts.

Automation often presents special requirements in sample handling and interfacing to existing automation systems. The D8 Series offers hard- and software interfaces for conveyor belts or sample-handling robots, along with custom arrays of sample holders. Multiple possibilities for automated or high-throughput sample handling are within the portfolio. Communication with external automation systems is routinely handled with our AXSLAB software module. Putting such automation features together enables, for example, automated structural or polymorph analysis with the D8 ENDEAVOR, potentially followed by elemental analysis with the S8 TIGER.



D8 DISCOVER HTS for high-throughput screening in transmission geometry. The photo shows a set-up with IµS X-ray source, VÅNTEC-500 2D detector and triple well-plate sample stage.

D8 DISCOVER for ingot analysis

D8 DISCOVER for ingot analysis

D8 DISCOVER for the automated offcut analysis on ingots and wafers. The photo shows a setup with high weight-load sample stage, surface alignment component and LYNXEYE detector.


S8 TIGER and D8 ENDEAVOR Combined

Combination of a D8 ENDEAVOR (XRPD) and a S8 TIGER (XRF) connected by a conveyor belt for sample transport. Both instruments are equipped with optional touch screens.