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Proactive blockage prevention in cement production

XRD Lab Report - Quantitative Hotmeal phase analysis

Proactive blockage prevention Lab Report, XRD

One of the most critical processes during Portland Cement clinker production is the operation of the preheater system. Coatings or build-ups in the preheater tower increase the risk of blockages and downtimes. The origin of this operational problem is the formation of detrimental phases, which influence the flow of the hotmeal and lead to the build-up of cloggings.

The established strategy to manage these build-ups is to try to influence the chemical composition by using a bypass system that removes sulphur, alkalis and chlorine.

Now, for the first time, the detrimental phase formations can be monitored directly by X-ray diffraction and TOPAS Rietveld phase quantification in real time. This not only helps to completely understand the process, but also allows proactive strategies for reducing and solving blockage problems.