DIFFRAC.DQUANT: Norm compliant quantification of retained austenite

XRD Application Report

DQUANT Retained Austenite, Application Report

The Ratio Method implemented in DIFFRAC.DQUANT and precise intensities measured with the D2 PHASER benchtop diffractometer allow the accurate determination of retained austenite levels in steel. This helps in optimizing heat treatment which is key for tuning the mechanical properties of the steel.


Quantitative phase analysis by X-ray diffraction is one of the most accurate and established methods for the determination of the amount of austenite in steel.


Austenite (or gamma-iron) is a high-temperature form of iron. Upon quenching it incompletely transforms to martensite (alpha-iron, or ferrite) during the production of carbon steels. This transformation process is crucial for the strength and other mechanical properties of steel. Subsequent heat treatment during steel production may further change the austenite concentration.