S2 POLAR - Refineries (Sulfur according to ASTM D7220, D4294)

S2 POLAR Application - Refineries

Sulfur concentrations are strongly regulated in automotive fuels. The current sulfur limit is at 10 ppm in many countries and others are to follow.

This specification requires the monitoring of Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) limits in diesel and gasoline, not only in refineries but also along the downstream supply chain including transport in pipelines, storage at terminal stations and inspection at petrol stations.

The S2 POLAR complies with the following international norms:

  • ASTM D7220, D4294
  • ISO 13032, 20847, 8754
  • IP 336, 496, 532
  • JIS K2541-4


It’s not all about sulfur: In refineries the monitoring of Cl to minimize impact of corrosion, P in crude oil and middle distillates, and catalyst residues such as Fe, Ni and V are required applications. The S2 POLAR is a dedicated ultra-low sulfur and multi-element analyzer for the analytical demands of refineries.

Remarkably, the S2 POLAR combines the performance of several single-element analyzers in a single powerful benchtop instrument.