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S2 PUMA Series 2- Agriculture


Growing crops and produce in many areas depends on fertilizers and detailed knowledge about the soil in the ground. Production and quality control of fertilizers and the mapping of arable soils are two important applications where elemental analysis is indispensable.

EDXRF technology plays a key role in delivering concentrations on elements such as Na, K, Ca and others from ppm to 100 % in fertilizers and soils.




Measurement times to get reliable results are only minutes. Sample preparation can equally be as quick. The specimen can either be analyzed as loose powder/granulate or as pressed pellet depending on application requirements.

The S2 PUMA Series 2 is set-up for large sample throughput and made to work reliably in labs and at production lines.

The HighSense™ LE detector is designed for the analysis of light elements such as Na or Mg and delivers high count rates – this ensures short measurement and together with the XY Autochanger sample handling quick turnaround times.

The integrated touchscreen with intuitive TouchControl™ software ensures shortest user training on the instrument and fail-safe operation.

The instrument can also be operated with the PC-based SPECTRA.ELEMENTS software suite remotely via TCP/IP.