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S2 PUMA Series 2 - Consumer Safety

Consumer Safety

With increasing global trade of goods, customers have increasingly more access to products manufactured under foreign legislations. To ensure products from foreign and domestic markets are safe, consumer safety regulated by authorities and contracted commercial laboratories becomes ever important. Regulations such as RoHS and WEEE are just some examples which make analyses on all sorts of products necessary.

Consumer safety applications cover a wide range. They basically deal with all personal commercial goods, but emphasize on products of daily use and which can be exposed to the user directly, i.e. particularly electronic products and toys.

The S2 PUMA Series 2’s large carousel chamber makes it possible to measure large bulk samples in one piece, without having to potentially disable the product for further testing. The collimator masks together with the HD camera allow defining the spot size on a particular area of interest on the sample.

The PUMA’s powerful standardless solution SMART-QUANT FP enables the operator then to gain insight into elemental composition of irregular and bulk quickly and effortlessly.