S2 PUMA, elemental analysis

Fast and Reliable Analysis of Iron Ore as Pressed Pellets by EDXRF

XRF Lab Report - S2 PUMA

S2 PUMA XRF 123 Lab Report

Iron ore is one of the most important commodities in our society due to its high demand in the steel industry. However, some of the components in iron ore can interfere with the production process or have a negative impact on the material properties of the final product. Therefore monitoring the chemical composition of iron ores is not only important for the control of the mining process but also to optimize the feeding process of melting furnaces during steel production.


A number of elements must be monitored in iron ore samples. Beside the major element Fe, other elements of interest are Si, Ti, Ca, Mg, Mn, Al, and P. Even though some of these elements are only present in low concentrations, they have a significant impact on the steel manufacturing process and the final product quality.


Controlling the mining process often requires a fast feedback on the chemical composition. Therefore the time between collecting a sample and obtaining the analytical result should be as short as possible. For this reason, the iron ore samples measured for this report have been prepared as pressed pellets. Compared to samples prepared as fused beads, this method simplifies and shortens the sample preparation time considerably, meaning that results are available sooner after the sample has been collected.