S8 LION, Elemental Analysis, X-ray fluorescence

Fastest Process and Quality Control in Cement Production by Simultaneous WDXRF (ASTM C114)

XRF Lab Report - S8 LION

S8 LION Lab Report, XRF

The requirements for cement production are more stringent today than ever before: Cost efficiency, reduction of CO2 emission and highest product quality has to be achieved at the same time. Therefore the process and quality control must become more efficient with even tighter control limits through all steps of the production process from raw materials to the final products.

This dedicated task can be accomplished especially well with simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) Spectrometers, also referred to as multichannel WDXRF. In those instruments there is a dedicated analytical channel for every element of interest, optimized for the concentration range. All those channels are working simultaneously resulting in the shortest measurement time with very high precision and reliability.