AFM Force Measurements
(3-day modular course):

June 5-7, 2019 | Karlsruhe, Germany

Course Objective:

Force measurements with an AFM play an important role in today’s surface characterization to determine properties like the elastic modulus or the adhesion. In this 3-day modular course we like to offer the users of Bruker AFMs an option to improve their skill set or to refresh their knowledge on this topic. During the first day we would cover the theory behind the PFQNM mode and force distance curves in general. Basic experiments will be used to explain important parameters like deflection sensitivity and tip radius. Day 2 will concentrate on experiments to understand the main methods for PFQNM, the relative and the absolute measurement method. In addition, we like to present the latest improvements for the ease of use, like pre-calibrated probes and their usage. Force measurements in liquids will also be performed on the second day of training. On the third day we will use the knowledge achieved to optimize measurements on unknown samples and on how to optimize scan parameters to improve image quality. The course will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany. The language will be English.


Day 1:

  • PFQNM theory
  • Explanation of PFQNM parameters
  • Force Distance curves
  • Probe selection
  • Probe calibration (deflection sensitivity, spring constant, tip radius)

Day 2:

  • Absolute Method vs. Relative Method
  • PFQNM in fluids
  • Standard PFQNM samples
  • Pre-Calibrated Probes


Day 3:


  • Image optimization
  • Advanced Ramping
  • Customer (unknown) samples





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One seat free for Standard Care customers. Two seats free for Premium Care customers. Standard fee 500 Euro per day. Daily lunch is included. Registration deadline closes 4 weeks before the training begins. The maximum number of participants is 6; when there are more than 6 participants we will try to organize an additional training course. If fewer than 3 participants register, the course will be cancelled.