Introduction to TopSpin

Introduction into basic operation of Bruker AVANCE NMR-spectrometers and administration of the spectrometer workstation

Formerly AVANCE I

This 4 day course is designed to introduce users to the Topspin software including operation of the spectrometer as well as basic system maintenance. Topics covered include basic experiment acquisition and processing, as well as Topspin software installation and configuration for Windows and Linux operating systems.

The lecture portion of the course will cover both TopSpin 3.x and 4.x. Lectures will be followed by a laboratory session in front of a spectrometer for hands on experience. Please specify during registration which software version (3.x or 4.x) you wish to use. Best effort will be made to accommodate as many people on each given spectrometer availability in the lab, but registration might be limited.

Overview: NMR Training United States


  • Standard 1-Dimentional experiments including 1D proton, carbon and DEPT.
  • 2-dimentional structure elucidation experiments such as 2D-COSY, NOESY, TOCSY, HSQC, HMBC.
  • Determination of ninety degree pulses on 1H and 13C nuclei.