Bring real, hands-on EPR experiments and teaching into your classroom!

A Free Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Educational Webinar

November 5, 2014

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A new dedicated EPR teaching package from the world leaders in EPR technology is revolutionizing the way students learn, interact and comprehend the normally abstract concepts. You are invited to join our 45-minute webinar and revisit EPR in the classroom. We'll explain how easy it is to bring hands-on teaching to a traditionally difficult subject, giving you the chance to rethink your curriculum, and give your students an exciting, interactive learning experience using state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Seminar Overview

As a company of scientists passionately creating innovative solutions for scientists, we recognize the importance of not only exposing students to a broad range of analytical techniques but also of teaching students the role each plays in chemical analysis. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) is the leading method for the detection and study of materials with unpaired electrons and free radicals, with a wide range of application in areas such as structural biology, inorganic chemistry and material research. Though well established as a technique, it is often seen as difficult to understand and thus difficult to teach.

In this seminar you will discover an ideal EPR teaching package that incorporates an easy-to-use spectrometer purpose-built to deliver a wide range of possible applications in the educational fields. A suite of key, hands-on practical experiments, instructional guides, and an introduction to the basic theory of EPR spectroscopy, make it easy to formulate teaching in chemistry labs around the world. Join us as we demonstrate how easy it is to guide students through all the experiments without the need for prior EPR teaching experience.

→ What you will learn

Who should attend?

Everybody working in the field of education and academia

  • University and high school teachers
  • Scientists learning basic EPR interpretation
  • Students considering a career in chemistry



Dr. Ralph T. Weber - Applications Scientist, Bruker BioSpin (biography)

Dr. Kalina Ranguelova - Applications Scientist, Bruker BioSpin (biography)

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