License Request Form

For TopSpin and Bruker Suite evaluation licenses please go here: Free Evaluation license
For complimentary TopSpin Academia licenses, please go here: Free Academia license
To exchange existing FlexLM licenses for CodeMeter, please go here: License Exchange Form

Latest versions of Bruker NMR software use the CodeMeter licensing system. Please fill this form (* marks required fields) and press the "Submit" button. The information will be send to

The typically eight-digit or six digit Bruker order number refers to the purchase of the software license. If in doubt you can also use the order number of one of your spectrometers. For this, open the door(s) of the console cabinet and have a look for an eight-digit or six digit number. In case you cannot find the respective number please contact your local Bruker representative.

For a demo license, please fill in "Demo" as order number.

Please enter the number of licenses in the fields below.

Please note, that AMIX 3.0 and SBASE licenses cannot be ordered here , because these products do not support CodeMeter. For legacy licenses please go here: Legacy License Form