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United Kingdom

OPUS Online Training Course


Familiarise yourself with our powerful OPUS software platform. Learn how to setup and customise experiments to best meet your application requirements. Find out how to manipulate and evaluate your data so that you can get the best information from your measurements.

This short course is ideal for quality control applications, routine identification, and general measurement tasks.

Our OPUS software is common to all of our spectrometers, making this course suitable for all users who require an introduction or refresher using OPUS.


Wednesday 29th September at 2pm UK time

The training will be taking place via Microsoft Teams.


OPUS workspace design:

  • General layout of OPUS software
  • Creating a new workspace
  • Modifying an existing workspace


  • Setup measurement
  • Data blocks
  • Display handling


  • Baseline correction
  • Normalisation
  • Atmospheric compensation
  • Spectra conversion


  • Peak Picking
  • Spectrum search
  • Quick compare
  • Integration
  • Quantitative analysais -  Beer Lambert Law

User management:

  • Creating new users
  • Managing user priveleges