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2021 AOAC Annual Meeting

August 27 – September 2, 2021, Boston, MA, Hynes Convention Center, Booth Numbers 410 and 412

At this conference

The Bruker team is excited to participate in the AOAC International 135th Annual Meeting & Exposition, August 27 – September 2, 2021 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel and Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Join fellow analytical chemists and microbiologists whose scientific interests are in the agricultural, food, drug, and environmental at one of the industry’s first face-to-face event in 2021. The Bruker MS and NMR teams will be in booths 410 and 412 of the exhibit hall and we look forward to seeing you!


Bruker’s Joerg Koehler and Thomas Spengler will continue the conversation at the “Food and Natural Product Quality Assurance by Means of Magnetic Resonance” Session where they’ll discuss the role of NMR technology in food, botanicals, and cannabis.

Higher Sensitivity, Higher Specificity and Higher Throughput – New Mass Spectrometric Solutions for Food Analysis

Date: Monday, August 30, 2021

Time: 7:45 - 8:30 AM ET / 1:45 PM – 2:15 PM CEST

Location: Back Bay A

Presented by Artem Filipenko

Bruker Scientific has developed several new MS technologies and workflows to overcome ever-increasing challenges of food analysis. All new VIP-HESI ionization source brings the sensitivity of Bruker high-resolution accurate mass instruments to the levels previously achievable only with nominal mass triple quadrupole systems. An improved Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry separation stage in the new timsTOF Pro 2 instrument provides an additional boost to sensitivity in complex matrixes by utilizing collisional cross section filtering to increase the signal to noise ratio, while speeding up the analysis and increasing the throughput by shortening the chromatographic gradient. Join us for this presentation to learn about these and other developments.

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Dr. Artem Filipenko

Dr. Artem Filipenko has over 15 years of industry experience in development of innovative methods and instrumentation for various analytical applications, including food, environmental, industrial, and homeland security. His area of professional expertise ranges from Ion Mobility, Mass Spectrometry, and Gamma Spectroscopy to molecular and nuclear physics. Artem holds a doctorate degree in molecular physics and master’s degree in microelectronics from the National Nuclear Research University in Moscow, as well as master’s degree in business administration from Babson College in Boston.

Safeguarding Food and Natural Product Quality Assurance with NMR & EPR Technology

Date: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET / 7:00 PM – 7 :30 PM CEST

Location: Back Bay A

Presented by Clemens Anklin

With more than 60 years of ground-breaking innovation in magnetic resonance technology, Bruker constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Through strategic partnerships, coupled with our market-leading solutions based on cutting-edge technology, Bruker sets new standards for proven product authenticity, consistency, and purity in the ever-changing food industry and regulatory environment.

Join us to discover how Bruker’s unique platform portfolio ranging from MicroESR, MiniSpec, and Fourier 80 benchtop systems to high-resolution floor-standing instruments offers state-of-the-art solutions that provide you with the analytical knowledge to enable a safe, secure, and trusted supply chain from seed to sale. Our solutions include mobile, lab-based, and online systems to reliably identify and quantify known and unknown substances, discover product compositions and properties, and understand molecular interactions.

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Dr. Clemens Anklin

Vice President of NMR Applications and Training - Bruker BioSpin - Billerica, Massachusetts

In 1984 Clemens Anklin obtained a PhD in chemistry from the Swiss Institute of Technology ETH. In 1984 he joined Spectrospin (later Bruker) as a NMR applications scientist and in 1988 transferred to the United States to build an applications team in the US. He now serves as Vice President for NMR applications and training for the Americas.

Food and Natural Product Quality Assurance by Means of Magnetic Resonance Session

Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Eastern Time

Presented by Thomas Spengler, Bruker, Thiru Arunachalam, Natural Health Research Alliance, Steve Newmaster, University of Guelph, Frank Massong, Purity-IQ

As the global demand for quality including safety in food and natural products increases, so does the need for robust testing methods to determine quality, purity and authenticity, in support of food safety and quality management systems. Quality is often associated with specific cultivars, agricultural practices and geographic location presenting considerable challenges for sourcing these high-quality ingredients. Purity is challenging for both targeted chemical and DNA testing methods as it does not consider all possible adulterants, whether intentional or unintentional. Authenticity is challenged by closely related taxa and possible substitution with synthetic compounds. These factors underpin the inherent benefits of natural ingredients and pose a challenge for controls embedded in management systems. Magnetic resonance has been proven as a cost-effective, molecular diagnostic tool for food and natural ingredient identification and authentication, within many sectors including wine, coffee, honey, botanicals, cannabis and dairy products. This suite of presentations on selected applications of magnetic resonance in food and natural products provide a broad overview of the technology, including fit-for-purpose examples of utility within industry and a deep dive into the science. The session is wrapped up with examples of industry driven standards and certification for effectively managing the quality assurance of products, including a process to ensure a consistent supply of authentic ingredients, while also the establishing a base level of protection for intellectual property. 

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