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Explore Neuroscience Imaging Solutions Featured at NEUROSCIENCE 2021


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In this resource collection, we offer application-informed, practical information on topics ranging from

  • Basic principles of light-sheet, multiphoton, super-resolution, and spatial-omics imaging for neuroscience.
  • Cutting edge methods currently expanding opportunities for investigating neural circuitry.
  • Capabilities and imaging qualities only available using state-of-the-art Bruker imaging platforms.

This includes several expert-led demonstrations of instrument and sample set-up, software UI,  and data collection/imaging performed in real-time.


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Explore Cutting-Edge Brain and Nervous System Research–and the Technology Making It Possible

Did you miss us at the event? Explore our NEUROSCIENCE 2021 booth resources to see what you missed.


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Featured Products & Technology

These instruments—and the applications scientists behind them—support researchers at the forefront of the neuroscience field.

Bruker’s fluorescence microscopy systems, featuring cutting-edge light-sheet, multiphoton, super-resolution, and spatial-omics technology, provide a full range of solutions that enable leading-edge research on the functioning of the brain and open the door to groundbreaking discoveries in neuroscience, neurobiology, and medicine.
Ultima 2Pplus Multiphoton Microscope

Ultima 2Pplus

A complete all-optical multiphoton workstation for imaging and optical manipulations
LCS SPIM (Large Cleared Sample Light-Sheet Microscope)


Designed for large cleared samples prepared by any type of clearing protocol
Vutara VXL Super-Resolution Microscope

Vutara VXL Super-Resolution Microscope

More than the leading single molecule localization microscope — a multimodal bioimaging workstation for your benchtop
Microfluidics Accessory

Microfluidics Unit

Accessory designed to allow sequential labelling to be incorporated into localization microscopy protocols with the Vutara VXL

Super-Resolution Microscopes

Access a deeper understanding with comprehensive multimodal biological imaging using single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM)

Multiphoton Microscopes

Leading advances in neuroscience with fast, deep multiphoton imaging

Light-Sheet Microscopes

Observe living organisms for extended periods of time without damage using single plane illumination microscopy

ChipCytometry High Plex Spatial Imaging

Combining high-quality high plex imaging with advanced image analysis software to enable a truly quantitative measure of each marker in your assay for every individual cell in your sample.