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Newsletter May 2020

In-depth Interview with Federico Paruzzo on Deep Learning in NMR Analysis

In this interview, data scientist Federico Paruzzo discusses how Bruker has used deep learning to develop the new command, and how it compares to other approaches available. Federico will also introduce the Sigreg, the first machine-learning—based automatic signal region detection for 1H NMR spectra which is the latest edition of Bruker’s TopSpin software.

Bruker Pre-ENC Talks and Posters Now Available for Download

All of the posters presented at ENC in Baltimore this year are now available for download. You can also download our Saturday pre-ENC workshop presentations.

Mimicking a GHz NMR with Fourier EduLab

For most NMR applications, higher external magnetic field strengths are preferred for better dispersion and sensitivity, but are usually outside the budgets of educational labs. The good news is the Fourier 80 can do the job with a little help from auxiliary agents and Bruker’s step-by-step protocols. Performing this experiment, students will learn in detail about chemical agents that can be used to manipulate the behavior of NMR-active nuclei and how and when to make use of those effects.

Protein Research at the University of Konstanz

Listen to this video interview of Sabrina Weickert, Phd. Student at the University of Konstanz doing biological research. She will explain why she is happy to do her research with the use of the EMXnano.

NMR based Metabolomics Package

The IVDr platform is working with Avance NEO or AV III HD. IVDr means high-performance bodyfluid analysis. To fully benefit we offer the following Software solutions at 20% discount for a limited period:

  • B.I.Methods 2.0 : Highly standardized and fully automated NMR methods for bodyfluid analysis at 600 MHz
  • B.I.LISA 1.0 RUO* : Fast and reliable determination of Lipoprotein Subclasses and subfractions in Plasma or Serum
  • B.I.QUANT-PS 2.0 RUO* : Highly reliable and automated quantification of small molecule in Plasma or Serum
  • B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1 RUO* : Highly reliable and automated quantification of small molecule in Urine
  • B.I.Biobank-QC 1.0 RUO* : Automated Quality Control of incoming samples for storage in Biobanks
  • B.I.IEM-Panel 1.0 RUO*: Automated Intelligence for interpretation of NMR urinary findings in Inborn Errors of Metabolism research
  • AMIX 4.0: Powerful program providing many integrated routines for statistical and spectroscopic analyses
  • BBIOREFCODE: Get more information on further metabolites with Bruker’s Biofluid Reference Compound spectral database

New Bruker Trainings Now Online!

Advanced 2d and 3d processing, tips tricks and unknown features

Speaker:  Clemens Anklin

Date/Time: Friday, May 29, 15:00 – 16:00 EDT

This course will introduce the audience to advanced processing options in TopSpin for 2 and higher dimensional datasets. Many of the processing commands have unknown but useful options.

Information Resources a Mouse Click Away in TopSpin

Speaker:  Donna Baldisseri

Date/Time: Monday June 1, 15:00 – 16:00 EDT

In this webinar we will visit these resources in the software to examine the information they contain. These will include information files, the NMR Guide and, on-line Help manuals.

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