The DiffBB is a broadband gradient probe optimized for very strong gradient pulses up to 17 T/m, designed for samples in 5 mm sample tubes. The DiffBB offers a 1H-19F, a broadband XBB and a lock channel in a wide temperature range from -100°C up to 180°C.

Standard Bore Probe with a Sample Diameter of 5 mm, a  Max. Gradient strength of 17 T/m and a Diffusion Coefficient < 1 x 10-14 m²/s.The DiffBB is a broadband gradient probe with the Automatic Tuning Module (ATM) for NMR diffusion investigations of a wide range of diffusivities down to 1x10-14 m2/s (T1 > 1s  and T2 > 100 ms ). The DiffBB provides a high-performance water cooled single axis gradient. Variable temperature measurements are possible in the range of -40°C to +150°C. Together with the ATM this allows a series of fully automatic variable temperature experiments. The broadband channel enables to observe a wide range of nuclei from 1H down to 15N.


  • Standard Bore Probe, also compatible to WB and SWB magnets
  • Gradient strength of up to 17 T/m, water cooled
  • Switching time < 300 µs
  • 1H-19F / X-BroadBand (31P-15N)/ Lock Channel
  • Automatic Tuning Module (ATM)
  • Sample transfer via SB-BST
  • Variable Temperature Control (compatible to BSVT, BCU,…)
  • BBI or BBO configuration


Bore     SB / WB / SWB
1H frequency range 300 – 800 MHz
rf channels 1H, broadband, lock
Requirements MR Diffusion / MR Microscopy accessory
ATMA     Yes    
Gradient     BGA9        
Directions     z    
Gradient strength per direction 17 T/m
ID/OD 40/72 mm
Rise Time (5-95%), 0-60A,120V < 300 µs
Cooling     Water    
Maximum current tested 60 A
rf coil BBO or BBI design, one coil tunable 1H-19F + 2H lock, second coil BB tunable 31P – 15N
Standard sample temperature range (5 mm) -40 – 150°C
Sample diameter 5 mm


  • Diff Software Application
  • Dynamic Center  for data processing
  • Compatible with IconNMR and Bruker Sample changers for automation


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