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In Vino Veritas : How NMR can reveal the Truth

How Estación Enológica de Haro, based in Rioja region, is using Magnetic Resonance for authenticity control and brand protection of Spanish wines
This webinar took place on November 11th 2020

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There is an increasing demand for reassurance of the origin and integrity of wine along the value chain from the vineyards to the point of sale. Assuring authenticity and integrity of wines protects the brand of a wine manufacturer or distributor, along with reputations of wine regions, denominations of origins for wine growers and associations. Governments of various countries are adopting NMR as a technique for verifying authenticity in food products, as conventional techniques are no longer sufficient to tackle new modes of adulteration and protect consumers. In this webinar, Thomas Spengler, will introduce proton based NMR, a direct and highly reproducible technique for wine authenticity analysis. The spectra, or digital signature, contains hundreds of signals that provides information about the composition of wine. The spectra combined with statistics allows the creation of robust databases, providing a reference for the contents, varietal, and region of production of wine. Eva Rituerto and Elena Alvarez from EEH will explain how the Wine-Profiling 4.0 method and NMR is used in a daily routine to test wines and safeguard authenticity and purity of Spanish wines.

What to expect

Attendees can expect a brief introduction of EEH and their collaboration with Bruker. How the NMR as a multi-marker and non-targeted technique provides value for the Spanish wine industry for addressing the needs for brand protection and supply chain integrity. Eva Rituerto and Elena Alvarez will explain how EEH is using NMR and the Wine-Profiling 4.0 method in daily routine to track and authenticate wines, as they travel from the vineyard all the way to the consumer’s glass, producing certification of origin, variety and region.

Key topics

  • Introducing NMR, a powerful technique for wine analysis and its advantages over other techniques
  • An introduction to EEH and their collaboration with Bruker
  • How EEH is using NMR and the Wine-Profiling 4.0 method in a daily routine for checking composition and authenticity of wine, in particular for the verification of the country of origin, region, DO’s and grape variety.
  • NMR a tool for brand protection and securing supply chain integrity of wines

Who should attend?

The webinar will appeal to wine producers, wine companies who import and export wine, wine associations, retailers as well as customs and border protection agencies, official control laboratories, and people who are involved in supply chain management and food testing.


Thomas Spengler
Thomas Spengler
Director Market Management Food Feed Beverages & Head of Lean Customer Development, AIC Division, Bruker BioSpin GmbHr
holds a master degree from Technical University Munich in food engineering and he is in charge of the Food, Feed & Beverage markets. His main focus is to support the business growth, to identify new markets and segments and translate the voice of the customers into new solutions which address their needs.
Dr. Elena Meléndez Álvarez
Dr. Elena Meléndez Álvarez
Directora Estación Enológica de Haro (EEH) – La Rioja
She holds a PhD in Chemistry from University of Burgos, she is in charge of Chemometry and works with EHH for 19 years
Dr. Eva López Rituerto
Dr. Eva López Rituerto
Responsable lab NMR Estación Enológica de Haro (EEH) – La Rioja
She holds a PhD PhD in Chemistry and Enology from University La Rioja , she is in charge of NMR and works with EHH for 5 years